1. Audit rights – The seller should keep records, documents, data, books ready with sufficient details in case of any audit requirement. Ishaura.in has all the rights to conduct the audit at any time upon reasonable notice.
  2. Penalty on delayed/canceled order (new/exchange) – The seller would be penalized on every canceled/delayed order due to stock unavailability.
  3. Govt affiliations – The seller needs to represent that neither the seller nor any representative is govt official.
  4. Right to terminate – Ishaura.in has all the rights to terminate the seller in case of breach in any terms and conditions defined.
  5. Data security – Data security will be prime and foremost responsibility of seller in case of any breach on the same. Penalty can be assigned to seller or can be terminated permanently.
  6. Product listing and inventory management – The complete product listing and inventory management should be the responsibility of seller and seller would be responsible for all the details mentioned. In case of any disconnect in the details seller shall be penalized.